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Yohoo, is a comprehensive exhibition of creative exhibitions, design and construction of exhibition space, exhibition hall, exhibition space, museum, science and technology museum and cultural center. Design service company. Since the founding of the company a few years since the precipitation, with professional skills, rich experience, the market's keen sense of touch and deepening the needs of customers, Sheng create a "pursuit of high service satisfaction" for the service concept, the former policy to design, Construction, to the scene management and the late withdrawal of the closure of the case, to the sustainable brand display marketing
Why the display rack needs to be customized
Now more and more competitive products, if there is no core technology, it is easy to be copied over, and the recent cost of the product is also getting higher and higher, more exacerbated the product competition, and in various occasions, how to att...
Use environmentally friendly materials to showcase the damage to the h...
Acrylic display stand can be seen everywhere, we will not worry about the environment and health impact, exquisite display - acrylic display through the global standard CNAS, ILAC-MRA, STU non-toxic environmental testing of raw materials, to give you...
Display rack design problem
We often shop as a performance needs, but the eyes of the show, shopping, is a life experience. In design, this is also true. To create a more comfortable environment, enhance customer shopping experience, so that every customer to enjoy the fun of t...
Application and Characteristics of Materials in Display Stand
There are many styles of display shelves on the market, but these are the composition of these materials: acrylic display stand, metal display stand, wooden display stand, pvc display stand, paper display stand, composite display stand. Each material...
The Influencing Factors of Custom Price
When the display stand customization, the price is directly quoted by the factory, for the customer, how to assess the price of the display stand is reasonable, the display rack prices which are composed of several factors?
The role of the display stand at the show
Have you ever noticed that your booth is bland, the simple material is added, just put it as a stand for exhibits? In fact, do not need to be so unconventional, and only need to combine with your product, in the entire layout of the unique but harmon...
Three-tier exhibition of the correct way to open, you do right?
Recall that you have seen the romantic film and television drama, male and female to high-end hotel dinner, point the New Zealand steak, beef sauce spaghetti. After dinner, the heroine prepared a little surprise: accompanied by a burst of sweet violi...
How to use acrylic cosmetics display stand?
Yohoo creation to "deepen the brand core value" as the starting point, to create a unique brand personality of the enterprise marketing EVI display visual recognition platform, creating a superb first-class works. At the same time in the domestic Luwei brand marketing brand management services, through a unique creative design techniques, the full customer strength, brand image, ideas and products presented in the world stage, passing a better experience, to win market opportunities. At the same time






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